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Prone Rifle - Sporting and Gallery Rifle - Benchrest Rifle - Air Rifle and Pistol - Black Powder Pistol
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Disciplines Practiced Here at the Club:
Prone Rifle
This discipline requires the shooter to lay on the ground, supporting the rifle with a sling and using the firing arm elbow as a third point of stabilisation.
Air Rifle & Pistol
This discipline follows the same descriptions as gallery, prone and benchrest but using an air weapon.
Bench Rest
In Benchrest shooting, the rifles ride on a front rest. The rests sit on a table or bench, hence the name "benchrest." The shooter sits at the bench with the butt (rear) of the rifle in their shoulder.
Sporting & Gallery Rifle
The discipline commonly uses rifles shot at short and medium distances chambered for traditional pistol calibers such as .22 Long Rifle, .38 and .357 calibers, .44 and .45. In the UK Long Barreled Pistols (LBPs) and Long Barreled Revolvers (LBRs) are also part of the overall discipline.
Black Powder Pistol
Most black powder pistols today are percussion-fired where a percussion cap is fitted to a nipple on the firearm. This acts as the primer in modern ammunition. The spark goes through to the chamber, ignites the powder and the bullet is sent out the barrel.
Loan equipment and training available for all disciplines.
Please note : Minimum Starting Ages:
  • 14 years old for live round disciplines
  • 11 years old for Air disciplines
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